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SSLS-XS String potentiometer

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    SSLS-XS String potentiometer 

    The draw wrire sensor is a compact integration of the linear displacement sensor.

    It combines the advantages of angular displacement sensor, linear displacement sensor and gear and strip transmission.

    It is a compact and multi-purpose. Simple installation and small installation space, no need to compensate for gaps, high-precision measurement, high repeatability measurement and high positioning accuracy, long stroke and long life sensor. Can be used for precise measurement and positioning control. With the display instrument, it can also be used as a measuring instrument for manual measurement. This series of products has a large selection of space, including XS, S, M, L, XL and other four models, the stroke varies from 10MM to 100000MM, with analog DC current 4-20 mA, analog DC voltage 0-5 volts Or 0-10 volts and pulse A, B, Z phase digital output can meet large stroke, high precision, various signal requirements. Depending on the actual usage, all analog signal outputs can be changed by the switch to change the logic direction of the signal.The core component potentiometer of Shensi SANSEER rope displacement sensor adopts the products of Japan Sibo, which has the characteristics of strong stability, high precision and long service life (lifetime up to 5 million times). The wire rope is made of the Japanese Society Steel Group Co., Ltd., the world's top wire rope, the wire rope diameter is 0.68MM, and the wire has 133 wires.


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