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What are Displacement Sensors ?

From:Sanseer Measurement and Control Technology Co.,Ltd   Date:2016-04-22  View:2084

A displacement sensor (displacement gauge) is used to measure travel range between where an object is and a reference position. Displacement sensors can be used for dimension measurement to determine an object's height, thickness, and width in addition to travel range. Selecting the most appropriate equipment according to the application, required accuracy, and usage environment is necessary. Measurements with displacement sensors can be classified into two large categories: non-contact measurement using light or magnetic fields / sound waves, or contact measurement performed in direct contact with the target.

Item Non-contact type Contact type
Optical type Eddy current type Ultrasonic type Laser focus method
Detection targets Most targets Metal Most targets Most targets Solid
Measurement distance Normal Short Long Short Short
Accuracy High High Low High High
Response speed Fast Fast Slow Normal Slow
Dust, water, oil, etc. Poor Strong Normal Normal Strong
Measurement surface Small Normal Large Small Small


Displacement sensors have many applications that serve a variety of purposes. There are a few examples of these applications below.
Outer diameter – measuring the diameter of a cylinder mass produced in a factory to determine whether or not the components are acceptable.
3D shape – not only checking to see if an item has warped, but also measuring the object in every direction on a flat surface.
Stroke and positioning – measuring the stroke amount of an object like a camera module. This is to check to see if the object has arrived in the correct position.
Height and step – ascertaining if the height of an object is completely uniform, and checking to see if there are any unusual steps that were taken
Warpage and flatness – checking to see if an item, such as a steel beam, is warped in some way shape or form. You’re also checking how flat an object is, such as a metal plate.
Thickness – measuring to ensure that an object has the desired thickness. For example, if a block of wood is the desired thickness and falls within industry standards.


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